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Is the High-Top Fade, the new Mowhawk???

3 May

Is it just me, or are you seeing more High-Top Fades? I guess it goes hand in hand with the snap-backs and hipster looks. In the last few years I’ve done more mohawks then I can count, so it’s a welcomed change.


Colorado Rockies DEXTER FOWLER High Top Fade by Hugo Tandron


 While the mohawk is still a popular haircut, it’s a important to be one step ahead. Every good barbers knows how to stay relevant in their skill set. Being proactive rather than reactive, helps to keep you ahead of the curve. Pay attention and look out for the next big thing. You may have to do a high-top fade sooner than think.  Check out the photos and videos to use as reference points.  Remember, be unique, be original, and represent.

P DIDDY Getting a new High Top Fade haircut by Curtis Smith

P DIDDY Getting a new High Top Fade haircut by Curtis Smith

Kid Gumby Haircut by Adrian Escamillion

High Top Fade with Half-Moon Haircut done byJ Zane


High Top Fade with steps

Photo provide by Barbershopconnect.com

Soulja Boy’s New High Top Fade.

18 Apr

We’ve seen Soulja with a couple of haircuts.  This is one of my favorite cuts that I’ve seen him with so far.  It ‘s just a creative haircut.  It’s a high top fade witha  2pac slope,  half-moon part and the kanye West lines. 

Soulja Boy High Top Fade.

Soulja Boy witha High Top Fade Done by Bobby Henderson

Soulja Boy High Top Fade 2

Soulja Boy with a High Top Fade Done by Bobby Henderson

Taking it back to 88!

1 Mar

My boy Hatman Doo did this high top fade. He went in! He calls it the “Tupac Juice Cut”.


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